Lone Star Emergency Group is the Rev Group exclusive Texas dealer for McCoy Miller Ambulance Trucks. Offering Type I, II, III and medium-duty ambulances, as well as sales, service and parts for McCoy across the state of Texas.

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Trusted Performance, Time and Time Again

Built with a unique CNC milling process, each ambulance is easily repeatable, maintainable, and best of all, customizable. Start to finish, each one is stocked with value-added features, like a hassle-free electrical system and easily accessible door panels.

The Best Ambulances Exceed Demand

McCoy Miller ambulances include features like, J-molding, drip rails, TriMark handles and full-height, stainless-steel door panels. Manufactured in Winter Park, Florida, the factory is ISO certified to ensure each ambulance meets or exceeds industry standards.

Universal Ambulances With Universal Appeal

For more than 40 years, McCoy Miller has built ambulances fit for every emergency situation. This full-fleet lineup, now with REV backing, is extremely versatile with sizes ranging from a unique 142″ model to a sturdy 172″ ambulance. Headroom ranges from 66″ to 74″.

Type I Ambulance Trucks

Each McCoy Miller Type I ambulance is built on a modular body that delivers a 142-, 146-, 163- or a 170" box length, as well as 66-72" of headroom for maximum versatility in the field. These emergency vehicles provide universal appeal, giving crews their choice of a Chevy, Dodge or Ford ambulance chassis — and all built in an ISO certified factory.

  • The preferred model among many fire departments due to its deeper engine design, Type I ambulances are built with a truck-style cab that provides ease of maintenance.
  • McCoy Miller utilizes an Excel electrical system, a modular printed circuit board that allows for easy panel additions, as well as the ability to change functions.
  • The chassis' on these emergency vehicles offer a higher gross vehicle weight rating on three versatile sizes, which means you can house more equipment and passengers without worry.


Pulling gross vehicle weights of 13,000-, 13,200- and 14,000-lbs, these Type I ambulances can handle any emergency. Equipped with either a Chevy, Dodge or Ford ambulance chassis, this nimble team member is guaranteed to pull more than its fair share.


Consider us part of the crew. Delivering the industry's strongest lineup of ambulance sizes and value-packed features, each McCoy Miller Type I ambulance was built with EMTs in mind. Backed by REV, these 142-170" ambulances are precision-cut, safety-focused crewmembers.


McCoy Miller ambulances give you options when building your new fleet. The versatility of building on the modular body and configuring the rest of the unit for unique specifications allows for upgrades to the heating and cooling, as well as aftermarket additions to the electrical panel.

Type II Ambulance Vans

Every ambulance family needs a Type II ambulance. A converted ambulance van, McCoy Miller offers these Type II ambulances for light-duty transport, fuel-conscious crews and private healthcare entities. Built on a Ford Transit or Mercedes-Benz Sprinter ambulance chassis, these Type II ambulances are easy to maneuver in congested city environments and yet still manage to pack a spacious interior with a raised-roof design.

  • Type II emergency vehicles are easier to maneuver, thanks to a smaller size that increases your fleet's fuel efficiency with only a 9,500-lb gross vehicle weight rating.
  • These ambulance van designs help EMT crews navigate narrow streets and busy roads more effectively than the larger models on the market.
  • McCoy Miller's Type II ambulances help solve the issue of increased response times, occupant safety and maintenance ease, just like the industry has demanded.


Choose from two Type II ambulance chassis configurations — the fuel-efficient Ford Transit T250 or T350 ambulance, which provide 9,000- to 9,500-lbs of gross vehicle weight, while maintaining a 148" wheelbase.


McCoy Miller's Type II ambulance vans are a lightweight alternative to bulkier, heavier Type I and Type III ambulances. Able to navigate crowded streets and save on overall fuel costs, these nimble emergency vehicles are packed with value-added features.


Crowded, narrow streets are no match for McCoy Miller's Type II ambulances. Not only do these ambulances bring maneuverability to the mission, each unit is packed with value-added standards that'll get the job done.

Type III Ambulances

The most popular models from McCoy Miller's extensive lineup, each Type III modular ambulance is based on a van cutaway chassis, making the cab an integral part of the ambulance. Available on a Chevy or Ford ambulance chassis, these emergency vehicles employ four size configurations for the ultimate choice when it comes to response times.

  • 66" to 72" of headroom make the interior of these ambulances a place to provide superior care and attention to patients.
  • While competitors use .090 side skins, McCoy Miller believes thicker is an overall better choice, using a .125" exterior sheet to provide extra safety that's also more durable.
  • Built in an ISO certified factory, these ambulances benefit from more than four decades of knowledge, as well as REV Group's expansive support and engineering expertise.


Looking for either a Ford ambulance or Chevy cutaway chassis? This Type III ambulance can handle the one you prefer, providing more than 11,500-lbs of gross vehicle weight rating on a 138-, 139- or 158" wheelbase, depending on your crew's demands.


Working in the action area is just as important as being behind the wheel. That's why these Type III ambulances make the cab an integral part of the unit. Providing not only a powerful chassis to drive upon, these ambulances make for the perfect cutaway fit in any department.


Each McCoy Miller Type III ambulance comes with a large assortment of standard features to ensure your crew can reach each scene without worry, as well as accomplish the job-at-hand with the tools and inclusions they need most built right into the unit.


McCoy Miller ambulances give you options when building your new fleet. The versatility of building on the modular body and configuring the rest of the unit for unique specifications allows for upgrades to the heating and cooling, as well as aftermarket additions to the electrical panel.

Medium-Duty Ambulances

Whether you're looking for an emergency vehicle built on a Ford medium-duty ambulance chassis or shopping for an International or Freightliner ambulance, McCoy Miller delivers custom medium-duty ambulances to complete your ambulance fleet. Available in multiple lengths — 163-, 170- and 172" — these ambulance trucks are the brawn of the crew thanks to their rugged build, custom features and 72- to 74" of interior headroom.

  • A roomy action area makes on-the-move patient care easier thanks to ample interior cabinets and exterior aluminum compartments.
  • These vehicles include easy-to-maintain, full-height, stainless-steel doors, an industry-only feature – just a few screws and you have complete access to the door's mechanism.
  • Every extrusion is cut to exacting measures using a CNC plasma laser — a one-of-a-kind process that contributes to McCoy Miller's fast lead times. Why spend 2 hours cutting holes by hand when it can take 14 minutes?


Just like the custom builds found on each of McCoy Miller's medium-duty vehicles, these units provide you with plenty of options when it comes to your chassis. Choose from an International, Freightliner or Ford ambulance chassis and you're all set to tackle the next call.


When it comes to value-added features on a McCoy Miller lineup, these vehicles far surpass the status quo. Customizable from top to bottom, each one allows crews from all walks of life and lines of duty to create a unique ride that lives up to their needs.


McCoy Miller's medium-duty ambulances are extremely customizable, but that doesn't mean these ambulances aren't already packed with must-have standards. No matter which chassis type or module length you choose to fit your needs, this vehicle is guaranteed to fit right in with your fleet thanks to these valuable inclusions.


McCoy Miller ambulances give you options when building your new fleet. The versatility of building on the modular body and configuring the rest of the unit for unique specifications allows for upgrades to the heating and cooling, as well as aftermarket additions to the electrical panel.

REV Ambulance Rollover Crash Test

McCoy Miller recently held a 5-second crash test for one of its ambulances. When the test was over, every door worked, and there were only a few dents in the top corners. We are excited to be the Rev Group exclusive Texas dealer for McCoy Miller.

REV Ambulance Rollover Crash Test from Maxime Photo and Video on Vimeo.

McCoy Miller Exclusive Texas Dealer

"For us to be able to offer and service a premier ambulance line like McCoy Miller speaks to the quality of our team members that work hard every day to take care of the first responders and their emergency vehicles "

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